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North American Vintage Rally & Race Association


Affordable Vintage Motorsport for the Enthusiast in the Pacific Northwest

Updated  27 January 2009

NAVRRA scores four diverse motorsport series for vintage cars.  Event classes include vintage/historic/classic automobiles and vintage performance rally cars.


The four NAVRRA event series are: The Serie Grand Ronde Cup (Rally), The Cup de Cascade (Rally), The Over-The-Hill Cup (Hillclimb) and the The Vintage Hot Mud'n'Exhaust Cup (Rallycross).

An Emphasis on Affordable Classic Car Fun

Rally participants have over 5000 kilometers (3500 miles) of brisk gravel and tarmac rally events held on public roads to choose from.  Events are centered in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and the two Western provinces of Canada.  A 12 month long rally event program is provided for the true enthusiast. 


NAVRRA places a strong emphasis on affordable classic motorsport.  The NAVRRA rally series represents one of the best bargains in vintage motorsport today.  It allows competitors of all means to enjoy motorsport with vintage/classic hardware just like it was in the 1950s and 1960s on some of the best drivers' roads in the Northwest. 


Rally events range from two-day endurance events in 100% snow to gentle summer drives.  Participants may run multiple cars within the series, so events can be selected to suit the capabilities of any classic.  Enough events exist in the schedule to allow participants to participate in each of the rally series with separate vehicles. 


The closed course hill climb and rallycross events provide an exciting taste of more competitive motorsport without being car breakers. 


In short, the NAVRRA series allows you to step back in time to a simpler era where club racing and road rallying was king and "run what you brung" was the order of the day. 

NAVRRA Historic Events in Europe

NAVRRA also offers historic rally experiences in Europe.  NAVRRA co-organizes  the 2000 Km Paris-Cortina Rally. This event is held in conjunction with the Expatriates Martini Club de Paris.  The winner is the recipient of the Martini Cup.  The event takes place in late November, just before the start of the Cortina touristic season.

Please see the Martini Cup page for more details.


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